The master of energy.


To reflect the very essence of the Neo Constant Escapement watch by creating a landing page to match.

Our mission was twofold: on the one hand, to highlight the genius and vision of Constant Girard, visually translating how this watch reveals the beauty of its components while fusing tradition with cutting-edge technology.

To develop an animated landing page in a record time, accessible and fluid in 7 different languages.

Client Girard-Perregaux
Agency Tapptic
Expertises Advice Design Development Maintenance
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The new GP09200 caliber conserves and redistributes energy for an exceptional power reserve of at least 7 days.

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The silicon blade, 6 to 10 times thinner than a human hair, is the central element providing constant force to the movement.


Our answer had to match the Neo Constant Escapement watch: innovative, elegant and technologically advanced. We opted for the latest version of Vue.js (Vue3), enabling fluidity, performance and adaptability. A website with a refined design, both modern and timeless, just like the watch it represents.

We didn’t skimp on functionality to guarantee an optimal user experience. From the very first scroll, a path drawing guides the user naturally through the history and features of the watch.

The user is immersed in the world of the watch thanks to sophisticated animations that are triggered, making every movement intuitive and interactive. SVG morphing provides a seamless transition between the different sections, while our custom-designed video player presents the watch in every detail.

Every element of our solution has been designed to offer total immersion, creating a perfect echo between the website and the Neo Constant Escapement watch.