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Redesign of B2B website.

Redesign of B2B website.

The main challenge was to effectively reach different types of customers: professionals, traders, individuals, and architects.

Client KNAUF
Agency Idweaver
Expertises Advice Design Development Maintenance
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We have also developed the and websites.

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The website was developed using Drupal 9, Vue.js, and Symfony for the API part.


We were approached to undertake the redevelopment of Knauf’s B2B website, as well as the creation of two additional websites.

Our involvement encompasses various aspects, ranging from initial development to ongoing maintenance, while continuously improving the UX/UI of the platform.

The major challenge we faced was effectively reaching different types of audiences: professionals, traders, individuals, and architects. Each target group has specific needs and expectations, and our role was to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that would allow them easy access to information and essential features relevant to their work and projects.