Turning NO into YES!


Create Brussels’ new employment media. For job seekers and employers.

Actiris, the Brussels Regional Employment Office, was seeking a way to rejuvenate its image and empower Brussels residents with new opportunities to combat unemployment. With a clear vision to address the challenges of the job market, Actiris embarked on a mission to revitalize its approach and provide innovative solutions.

Client Actiris
Agency Idweaver Trackbase
Expertises Development Marketing Strategy UX/UI Design
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SEO traffic during the first year

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Campaigns are carried out on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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SEO traffic has been constantly increase since the launch of the website. A combination of technical optimizations and an effective content strategy.


We’ve created a website, updated daily with inspiring interviews, articles and programs to make hiring easier. We’re also in charge of campaigns to raise the blog’s profile.

A Drupal website designed to meet the needs of job seekers and employers. Our approach is based on a strong content strategy, with a multitude of carefully crafted articles to help each Brussels resident find a job that suits them. The website also features a blog enriched with interviews of Belgian employers and celebrities to inspire and motivate job seekers.

To promote this website, we have implemented impactful social media campaigns, ensuring maximum visibility. Our goal is to facilitate the connection between job seekers and employers, while providing valuable resources and advice to support their professional success.