Tailor-made development that reflects your project’s uniqueness.

At Eneon, we offer a comprehensive range of production services that ensure the successful implementation of your digital projects. Our expert teams specialize in various areas to bring your vision to life.

Project Management (PM)

We employ a flexible and adaptive approach to project management, catering to your unique needs. With methodologies ranging from hybrid to Agile and Scrum, we ensure efficient collaboration, timely delivery, and transparent communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Functional Analysis

Our Product Owners (PO) perform in-depth functional analysis to understand your requirements and translate them into actionable insights.

By leveraging their expertise, we ensure that your project aligns with your business goals and user needs.

Technical Development

Whether it’s web development using CMS (Drupal, AEM,…), Vue.js, or Angular, or mobile app development (native iOS and Android, React Native, Flutter,…), we have the technical proficiency to bring your ideas to reality. Additionally, we explore emerging technologies like Spatial Computing, XR, AR and VR to enhance user experiences.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We prioritize quality at every stage of the production process. Our QA team meticulously prepares test cases, conducts thorough manual testing, and utilizes automation techniques to ensure the robustness and reliability of your digital products.

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  • Karolina Zwierzchoniewska, Head of Delivery – Eneon