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Co-create innovative digital experiences that will bring AS Monaco fans closer to the club, its heritage and legacy.

A forerunner in the Esport field for a football club, digital innovation is an integral part of the new dynamic launched by AS Monaco.

With over 20 million fans worldwide, the club is constantly looking for innovative ways to interact with its supporters.

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Users can visit the stadium, lift the club’s trophies, discover the hall of fame and much more.

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Experience dedicated to young fans, VIP club members and fans visiting the stadium store on match day.


Expose AS Monaco history worldwide with a virtual museum. AS Monaco is the first football club to launch a 100% virtual museum for fans. The club dives into the Metaverse with its own virtual world.

Our creative process began by conducting tech demos and benchmarking various technologies and applications from different clubs. This exploration allowed us to gather inspiring elements and maximize reflection, generating a plethora of ideas during several workshops.

The concepts that emerged from these workshops were carefully crafted to align with AS Monaco’s overarching strategy. We incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Computer Vision, Gamification, and Virtual Reality (VR) to bring these concepts to life. By leveraging these innovative tools, we aimed to create immersive and engaging experiences that would captivate AS Monaco’s audience and elevate their brand presence.