The right card for your needs.


Develop a platform linked to the E-APP, enabling existing customers to change their AMEX card.

The goal is to enhance the UX and UI by creating a new AMEX card request flow. We are seeking innovative solutions to streamline the application process while providing a personalized and user-friendly experience. Contribute to strengthening AMEX’s position as a leader in the finance sector.

Client American Express
Agency Idweaver
Expertises Development Life cycle Strategy UX/UI Design
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A user-friendly dashboard has been implemented to track applicants’ progress and monitor request status at each step of the flow.

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The flow integrates various 3rd party APIs such as Connective, itsme, TINK, and Google.


We have implemented a comprehensive solution to enhance the user experience for Amex card requests. The entire flow has been redesigned with a focus on improving UX. We introduced a new simplified flow using Symphony, utilizing conditional rules to direct users based on their responses. Each flow is tailored to the specific card being requested, providing a branded and personalized experience.

To streamline the identification process, we integrated Connective, enabling users to use the e-reader and verify their identity through the Itsme application. For manual uploads, users can easily submit double-sided images of their identity cards, which are then processed by OCR to automatically detect relevant data such as name, date of birth, and country of residence.

Additionally, we introduced a signature feature through Connective, allowing users to officially sign the contract online. This ensures that all requests can be completed seamlessly and efficiently through a user-friendly digital platform.